We're Hiring In Grays Harbor County


You need a job to make money,

but that’s not really enough for you.

You want to do something good.

Maybe help people.

Maybe have some fun.

When you spend your time and energy

on something,

it better be worth it.

People with developmental disabilities

could use your help.

You can help them live a better life.

You will live a better life.

smiling man with a disability
smiling man with a disability

Provides New Hires

$17+ per hour

Paid Vacation

Paid Sick Days

Paid Training

Potential Bonuses

24/7 on-call Assistance

Stable Hours

Stable Shifts

Medical Insurance

We are dedicated to making

the best possible

lives for our clients and Staff members.

Twin Harbors has cared for people for

more than 40 years.

In times of war, recession or pandemic

our jobs remain.

3 Easy Steps to a Job

Turn the application in today
You could be working tomorrow!